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Surround yourself with the essentials.

We provide elegantly crafted portable structures and interiors for you to embrace the beauty of simple, mobile living.


LAYOUT Our homes have a space saving clean, modern layout which is light and useful.

SHAPE Our designs are a blend of traditional cabin building techniques with modern elements. They embrace aesthetic functionality.

SIZE Tiny homes offer a range of sizes to suit a variation of lives and uses: from 16ft to 30ft.

MATERIALS We use a blend of sustainable timber and reclaimed functional materials.

Tiny Reality

USE LESS AND THRIVE We live in tiny homes ourselves and have learnt first hand what works. Tiny housing costs less. Affordable realistic living.

MORE TIME Living in tiny homes allow you to lower your household income and thus gain more time to spend living better.

FEWER TIES Tiny Living means less ties, simplifying life.

Sustainable Living

ELECTRICITY Low power economical fittings.

HEAT Small scale, minimal impact wood burners.

LOO Safe compositing variety. Take anywhere nutrient recycling systems.

INSULATION High quality reclaimed modern materials used to make an efficient, space needing far less energy to heat and cool compared to conventional buildings.

FOOTPRINT At every turn of design and constitution we aim to reduce our environmental footprint.


LAYOUT We work to create functional and useful interiors that are pleasurable to work and live inside.

MEZANINES Hight bedrooms for space saving, comfy homes.

RECLAIMED Elements for our interiors…


SPACE MANAGEMENT Through much practice and experience, sensible, practical and clever storage solutions for tiny living.

TINY INGENUITY Folding doors, ergonomic stairs and multipurpose furniture.

TINY HOUSE TECH Modern lightweight services: Power and Hot water. Low Voltage lighting. Power storage. Many options available.

Hand Crafted

CARPENTARY Each wagon is lovingly built by experienced craftsmen with an eye for materials and functionality.

SOURCED HERE Timber milled on a small scale by skilled local woodsmen.

REPURPOSED Each repurposed component is carefully and individually designed and hand crafted info its life as part of a tiny home.

Tiny Home - Big Passion

Our portable Tiny homes are handmade from sustainable and locally sourced timber. We love using reclaimed materials, they give unique character to each one of our projects. We design and build in our workshop in Herefordshire.


Tiny Home - Big Passion

We at the Tiny Home Company live tiny ourselves, and have learnt first hand what works. We believe in spaces that support living rather than supported by it. Our designs are made for living simple, effective lives.


Garden Rooms

Light, airy, warm spaces to enhance any garden and take in the views.


Studios / Summer houses

Beautiful studio workspaces that double as a retreat or spare room.



Our wagons are totally movable. A viable, attractive holiday destination. An affordable business proposition.


What's happening


Coming Soon

posted 21 Feb | by Si | For Sale

16ft by 7ft Tiny Home under construction.


Tiny Home Feature

posted 21 Feb | by Si | News


Tiny Homes side project.

posted 21 Feb | by Si | News

Almost Complete

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